Nevada Trail Stewards Application

Nevada Trail Stewards Application

The Nevada Trail Stewards program is a volunteer program that provides a means for private citizens to work with a variety of federal, state, and local land managers and public safety officials in Nevada to promote responsible trail use recreation on public, state, and private lands. These volunteers contribute their time, experience, and local knowledge of trail areas in Nevada by monitoring public lands in groups of two or more. Through these monitoring efforts volunteers provide a positive image of their recreation activity, identify and record road, trail, and other resource issues, report misuse of lands, and participate in special projects to enhance trail areas in Nevada. Trail Stewards receive extensive training from professional representatives and serve as a point of contact for other trail users to obtain helpful and informative information about the trails they ride.

Steward Qualifications

Trail Stewards Must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Be an experienced trail user who is able to navigate roads and trails of varying difficulty level and length
  • Complete and keep current with all required Steward trainings
  • Be able to walk over uneven terrain
  • Be able to lift at least 30 pounds
  • Wear personal protective equipment

Basic Trail Steward Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promote responsible recreation use in Nevada by modeling appropriate trail safety and behavior
  • Assist land management agencies in monitoring the areas, roads, trails, and facilities used by the public
  • Provide a recognizable presence on motorized routes and at trail facilities used by the public
  • Protect the privilege of enjoying trail recreation opportunities on public lands by promoting a positive image of trail recreation on public lands
  • Promote land stewardship by participating in site improvements and small projects. Projects may include installing kiosks, trail maintenance/restoration/rehab, trash clean up’s, etc.
  • Distribute and communicate information about responsible trail use and agency policies to casual trail users at high-profile public outreach events and Stewardship activities


Anyone who is and avid trail user or simply an interested member of the public, can volunteer as a Nevada Trail Steward, provided they are willing to abide by the Nevada Trail Stewards Code of Conduct. Trail Stewards will be selected without regard to race, creed, religion, age, sex, color, national origin, or disability


Download and print the Nevada Trail Stewards Application.



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