Nevada Trail Stewards Executive Summary

Nevada Trail Stewards Executive Summary

The Nevada Trail Stewards will support Nevada by leading the way in the off road community. As a means of propelling the goals of the State of Nevada, Nevada Commission on Off Highway Vehicles, State Parks, BLM, Manufacturers, Dealers, Law Enforcement, and particularly Trail Enthusiasts as an educational and support contrivance while protecting Nevada’s trail resources while enjoying access to the wealth of Nevada’s Land.

As a Nevada Non-Profit the Nevada Trail Stewards will leverage accessible funds, volunteer labor, and a small administrative staff to fulfill this vision:

  • Ability to offer Administrative Support
    • Executive Program Management
    • Political Liaison
    • Office Management
    • Secretarial
    • Race Event Promotion and Organization
    • Provide a Unified Voice for Off Highway Vehicles
      • Develop a Travel Management Resource Team
  • Out Reach for Nevada’s Registration Compliance and Law Enforcement
  • Providing Non-Federal Matching for Recreational Grants
  • Grant proposals will include the necessary equipment to conduct Stewardship Events
    • County Fairs, Expos, Race, and OHV events
    • Industry Events
    • Trail head and Trail Outreach
    • Administration Resources
    • Scoping/Mapping
    • User/Visitor Resources
    • Ongoing Stewardship
    • Equipment and Tools
  • Creating a group of trained and motivated volunteers to conduct Stewardship related effort (trail rehab, sign/kiosk installation, resource monitoring, scoping, asset location, and mapping etc.)
  • Administrative Supervision of Volunteer Boots on the Ground
  • Develop and Manage Nevada’s Online Map and GPS Trail Resources to Support OHV Travel, Trail Use and Tourism

Presented to the March 2013 Senate Transportation Sub-Committee

Re: Nevada’s Off Highway Vehicles Economic Contribution of $1,649,302,218 in 2003

Nevada’s 2005 State Recreational Trails Plan is the State’s guide to the provision and improvement of recreational trail opportunities for the citizens of Nevada and our many visitors. The goal of Nevada’s 2005 State Recreational Trails Plan is “to increase and improve the quality of trail activity opportunities in Nevada.” Memo based on 2003 survey chapter 2 Trail Activities is the data source. http://parks.nv.gov/trails/plan

For the purpose of Off Highway Vehicle economic contribution we will only be looking at Nevada resident users in 2003 and will not consider out of state users or any of the major events hosted in Nevada, this market had very large growth, with some Reno dealers stating 20 % growth in 2006. We are looking at Dirt bike riding, snowmobile riding, ATV riding and OHV riding only.

Table 2          Number of Participants                       342,467

Table 4          Annual participation days         8,183,783

Table 7          Total number of vehicles            425,435

Table 8          Expenditures by motorized trail activity in dollar X Table 2 = $1,649,302,218

Table 9          Percent of respondent that expect to participate in the future 28.8%

Table 10        limiting factors for all trail users                   34.8% stated no trails near my home        Including non-motorized users                     34.7% do not know where trails are located

Concluding Note a 95% confidence level was used. Major growth is not taken in to account.

Based on other studies reviewed it is my personal belief that approximately 15,000 full time jobs and 30,000 part time jobs were a result of OHV in Nevada in 2003, without counting manufacturing, distribution, racing or events.



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