Mission Statement

Nevada Trail Stewards Mission Statement

“To develop a partnership with agencies and volunteers dedicated to enhancing recreation opportunities, tourism, compliance, and trail management in Nevada”

Nevada Trail Stewards Benefit Nevada

  • Ability to offer Administrative Support
    • Executive Program Management
    • Political Liaison
    • Office Management
    • Secretarial
    • Race Event Promotion and Organization
    • Provide a Unified Voice for Off Highway Vehicles
      • Develop a Travel Management Resource Team
  • Out Reach for Nevada’s Registration Compliance and Law Enforcement
  • Providing Non-Federal Matching for Recreational Grants
  • Grant proposals will include the necessary equipment to conduct Stewardship Events
    • County Fairs, Expos, Race, and OHV events
    • Industry Events
    • Trail head and Trail Outreach
    • Administration Resources
    • Scoping/Mapping
    • User/Visitor Resources
    • Ongoing Stewardship
    • Equipment and Tools
  • Creating a group of trained and motivated volunteers to conduct Stewardship related effort (trail rehab, sign/kiosk installation, resource monitoring, scoping, asset location, and mapping etc.)
  • Administrative Supervision of Volunteer Boots on the Ground
  • Develop and Manage Nevada’s Online Map and GPS Trail Resources to Support OHV Travel, Trail Use and Tourism

Current Stewards Accomplishments

  • 3rd Annual “Save the Public Trails” banquets held in conjunction with an American Motorcyclist Association Nation Dual Sport and Adventure Ride
  • Public Land Advocacy Workshops
  • State of the art trail and asset resource monitoring system developed, including video linked to GPS data has established thousands of miles of trail inventory
    • Point of View Video visually describes on the ground conditions while recording exact locations
  • Library of data to develop a robust online resource to aid trial based recreation and tourism
  • Emergency Services protocol in place
  • Trail Rehabilitation and Improvements
    • Sign/Kiosk Installation
    • Successful Public Lands Clean Ups, including a one day removal 10,183 pounds of trash and two cars
    • Significant public safety trail hazards recorded and improved
    • Many abandoned vehicles located and removed
  • Liaison with the National Off-Highway Conservation Council (NOHVCC)
  • Production of National and Regional Events
    • Save the Public Trails Banquet
    • Ride Reno 200
    • Pinenut Clean Up Days
    • Public land Advocacy Workshops
    • Mapping Workshops
  • Manufacturer and Dealer Education
    • Yamaha
    • CanAm
    • KTM
    • Liaison with Power Sport Associations
  • Nationally Recognized Trail and Land Management Relationships

The Nevada Trail Stewards Program works in collaboration and with direction from Agencies to accomplish:

  • Out Reach
  • Registration Requirements Provided to Industry Personnel Users
    • Remote Registration Opportunities for Special Events
    • Tread Lightly and Stick to the Trails
    • Best Policies and Practices
    • Provide a Recognizable Presence on Trails
      • Model Appropriate Trail and Route Safety
      • Positive Image of Trail and Route Recreation
      • Promote Responsible Motorized Recreation and Lands use
      • Support Cooperation Between Trail and Route Users, Local Law Enforcement,  and Agencies
        • Provide Trail and Route Information about Where to Ride, Riding Safety, Etiquette, Rules and Regulations
        • Introduce Nevada Trail Stewards as a needed tool in the process and conversation regarding public lands
        • Develop agency Partnerships.
          • Promote highest Quality Urban OHV friendly interface possible; a model of excellence!
          • Promote Quality of diverse routes
          • Work to find or build funds or matches for grants to locate and designate route systems on inventory and make improvements to bring routes into compliance.
          • Promote NOHVCC message
          • Develop Public Land Advocacy Workshops & Fund raising
          • OHV Friendly interface
          • Promote Large, High Quality Special Recreation Management Area’s in Nevada
  • Assist Agencies in Monitoring, Maintaining, Mitigating and Improving Trails, Routes and Facilities
    • Clean up dumping and shooting sites

Selection, Qualifications, & Roles of the Nevada Trail Stewards

Nevada Trail Stewards are trained volunteers that help enhance trail and route opportunities and experience by working cooperatively with user and agencies.

Code of Conduct

A Trail Steward Shall:

  • Be Helpful to all
  • Avoid Negative Confrontations
  • Be Professional
  • Respect the Public
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest
  • Model Appropriate OHV Safety and Behavior
  • Report violations of environmental and miss use of resources
  • Maintain Personal Safety
  • Obey Federal, State, and Local Laws

Nevada Trail Stewards Responsibilities

  • Provide a recognizable presence on public and state lands and serve as a point of contact for the trail and route users
  • Provide educational and informative materials to the public
  • Support Trail and Route Users
  • Educate and provide a quality user experience
  • Monitor motorized areas, roads, trails and facilities (e.g., for trail hazards)
  • Maintain groups of two or more volunteers
  • Encouraging registration compliance while modeling appropriate riding behavior
  • Special Events support (Fairs, Rodeos and OHV events)
  • Special Projects
  • Fence Repair, Kiosk/Sign Installation, Trail Rehab, Water Crossings, etc.

Trail Stewards Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Be able to operate on routes responsibly and safely
  • Be able to navigate moderate to difficult trails
  • Complete and maintain all required training
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment
  • Maintain a legal OHV (OHV decal, current vehicle registration, insurance, etc.)
  • All Stewards complete the application and pass a screening process

Nevada Trail Steward Benefits

  • Maintaining a life style and economy for grandchildren’s opportunities
  • Making a positive impact on the future route opportunities
  • Knowledge that mapping will save trails
  • Opportunity to interact in a positive manner with enforcement officers, county, state and federal  agencies
  • A greater understanding of the current issues, challenges, and opportunities
  • Legacy route-trail a chance to name trails
  • Opportunity for leadership experience and training
  •  Spending Time on Routes with Fellow Enthusiasts!
  • Sponsorship and Scholarships
  • Purchase Programs
  • Community Service

Required Training

  • Program Overview
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Defensive Driving
  • Hazmat
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Communication
  • Chain of command
  • Check in/out procedures
  • Radio use and protocol
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Out Reach & Visitor Contacts

Additional Training Examples

  • Map/GPS/GIS
  • OHV Instructor level classes
  • Fire Season Regulations Education
  • Hunting Season Regulations Education
  • Travel Management Rule Considerations
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Nevada Trail Stewards Group Presentations
  • OHV Spark Arrestor and General Maintenance Checks
  • Fence Repair
  • Sign Installation
  • Invasive Species
  • Mine Safety



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